the ocean

I bounce from wall to wall. Trying to land on my feet. Today I spent less time breathing. I visited an old friend. The ocean welcomed me. Swallowed me whole. Took me to the bottom of the sea. I opened my eyes. For the first time I wasn’t blind. Clouds floated by me. I reached out. Felt loss through the gaps of my fingers. I tried desperately. To hold on. To something that wasn’t meant for me. My chest crushed by the darkness. light spilled through holes like a sieve. I didn’t know it was there and the minute it was gone I grieved. Thinking I was now empty. The waves eventually washed me ashore. I caught my breath somewhere between your chest and my hands. The sun appeared. The day had never looked so new. My night was now the furthest away from you.

©Gemma Troy Poetry
Gemma Troy2 Comments