note to self

I’m avoiding feeling. That’s the thing isn’t it. Being brave enough to feel. learning things about yourself you don’t want to know. Truth hurts. living life in the fast lane so we don’t ever have to pull over and actually take notice. Fear is a powerful force. But that’s what makes us human. That’s what makes us who we are. Put down your phone. Turn off the television. Reconnect with yourself. Reconnect with the people around you. Get outside. Feel the earth against your bare skin. Soak in the sun until your drunk on it’s warmth. Feel the goosebumps climb up your legs as the ocean crashes against you. Chase butterflies until you are laughing so hard your heart breaks free from its cage. Spend the day living. Spend the day breathing. Spend the day loving. Spend the day feeling.

Gemma Troy12 Comments