Sunflower Fairy (holding heart)

Sunflower Fairy (holding heart)


The Sunflower Fairy

They say her smile is yellow

because of the sunflowers in her heart

there is a meadow where the sunflowers

turn to face the sun

they say she is too bright

her laughter travels on the wind

they think maybe she is the sunflower fairy

and that thunder and lightening lives in her wings.

You will always find a sunflower fairy with her face turned towards the sun. This Sunflower fairy feels pain the most. She will warm your world and light your smile until you fill with happiness from within. 

Every single fairy is one of a kind. Each fairy carries their poem on their back in a little leather satchel. Fairies have handmade sunflower ceramic beads in their hair that are finished with a glass bead. 

Fairy measures approx: 18 cms and is made from stoneware clay. She has been fired in an electric kiln 3 times. 

Handmade by Gemma Troy on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia. 


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